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Інтерактивна туристична карта Тернопільської області

Interactive tourist map of Ternopil region

Customer: Department of Tourism of Ternopil Regional State Administration.   Дата впровадження: вересень 2018 року.  

Interactive map “Wooden temples of Ternopil region”

Customer: Department of Internal Policy, Religion and Nationalities of the Ternopil Regional State Administration. Date of implementation: August 2018. Purpose of the project: creation of a spatial electronic database of monuments of the wooden sacral heritage of Ternopil region; visualization … Read More

Interactive learning map of “The history of becoming the territory of Ukraine”

Customer: Department of Education and Science of the Ternopil City Council. Date of implementation: September 2018. Purpose of the project: visualization of historical places and events, including changes in the state territory of Ukraine by means of cartographic, photo and … Read More

Medical geoinformation dissemination system for tick-borne infections

Customer: Ternopil State Medical University. Date of implementation: February 2018 Purpose of the project: creation of a platform for fixing, storing and displaying data about places of distribution of pathogens of tick-borne infections; analysis of morphometric indicators of ticks as diagrams … Read More

Interactive map of communal property management in the city of Ternopil

Customer: Office of accounting and control over the use of municipal property of the Ternopil city council. Date of implementation: September 2017. Purpose of the project: implementation of automated accounting of objects of communal property; monitoring of structural changes in … Read More

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