Interactive learning map of “The history of becoming the territory of Ukraine”

Customer: Department of Education and Science of the Ternopil City Council.

Date of implementation: September 2018.

Purpose of the project:

  • visualization of historical places and events, including changes in the state territory of Ukraine by means of cartographic, photo and video materials placed on one map;
  • introduction of interactive teaching methods with a wide range of opportunities for combining, processing and displaying various spatial information;
  • to stimulate the desire to study the history of the land and the country, to form national consciousness, own identity, patriotism and love for the native land, their people, the desire to work for the state, the willingness to defend it;
  • to educate a full-fledged citizen – a patriot of Ukraine who is able to freely navigate in public life and realize his role and responsibility before society and the state, to know her history and defend her honor;
  • draw attention to the rich historical and cultural heritage of the native land (castles, palaces, sacred sights, etc.).

Results: using modern achievements of web-cartography and programming, an accessible learning tool is created, designed to systematize and visualize key events in the history of Ukraine, Ternopil region and the city of Ternopil: territorial changes, achievements of diplomacy, culture.

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