M1MT: GIS of river system

M1MT: GIS of river system – is a web mapping resource designed for efficient water resources management. The main task of the geographic information system is to monitor the structure of the river network, collect, record, process, store and display data on the state of water bodies, predict their changes and develop scientifically based recommendations for making management decisions that may affect the state of the waters.

In the geoinformation system, spatial data is laid out in layers with the ability to connect to the displaying of various layers of thematic information and edit content. Each layer of the map contains a group of similar elements combined into separate catalogs: the hydrographic network proper, relief, settlements boundaries, engineering communications, transport routes, forests, boundaries of districts and regions, and etc. Implement an automated information system to quickly provide government agencies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, citizens with the necessary data on water resources in the region.

Геоінформаційна система управління водним господарством
Геоінформаційна система управління водним господарством

Features of geoinformation system

  • navigation on the map, data editing, operating with vector map layers, spatial analysis;
  • simple searching (including group search by a certain parameter), quick update and editing of the database, implementation of analytical user queries (search for the nearest object, situation analysis, etc.);
  • a wide range of analytical capabilities (display of information in the form of graphs, spatial and statistical analysis);;
  • the possibility of multi-user access and group editing of the database;
  • constant readiness of the resource to work from a mobile device (tablet, smartphone), connected to the Internet;
  • protection of information from distortion and unauthorized access;
  • collecting and editing data in the field in real time using a mobile app.

GIS of river system – management tool for government and society

  • get a convenient platform for storing and systematizing data on the river system, water facilities and water resources;;
  • analyze the current state of water use in the region. A separate layer of the geographic information system presents information about the river system’s water users – enterprises with accompanying attribute information: the name of the water company, the type and composition of emissions (Cl, SO4, Fe, dry residue, phosphates, etc.), water demand and drainage parameters, other forms statistical reporting;
  • monitor the state and usage mode of the river system for the rational use and protection of water funds;
  • plan activities to improve the efficiency of water systems;
  • analyze the state of the river system in combination with public mapping resources (Public Cadastral Map, OpenStreetMap);
  • ensure collection of data on violations in the use of the river system and the adjacent territory (water protection and coastal protection zones) in real time and field conditions using a mobile app synchronized with the geographic information system.
Геоінформаційна система управління водним господарством
Геоінформаційна система управління водним господарством

Layers set of geoinformation system

  • river system (main river with tributaries, reservoirs, ponds, etc.);
  • water protection, coastal protection, sanitary and other zones;
  • land use structure;
  • soil cover;
  • hydrological posts;
  • polluters of the river system and much more.

Requirements, cost and timing of the order

To create a product M1MT: GIS of river system, the customer must determine a river system for which a geoinformation system will be created; provide a list of water fund objects and their passport data; indicate the location of gauging stations and the characteristics measured on them; maps of agro-industrial groups of soils. For all objects of the water fund, it is necessary to indicate the water protection zone, if necessary (for ponds, reservoirs, lakes) the exact location (cadastral number or location map from the public cadastral map of the country). The cost of creating a GIS is calculated based on the size of the river system, the number of thematic map layers, the extensiveness of the database, as well as the individual wishes of the customer. The timeframe for creating a web-map is up to 60 days from the moment of the provision of the initial information necessary for its implementation and the signing of a cooperation agreement.

Геоінформаційна система управління водним господарством

Services to be provided prior to GIS development

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
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