M1MT: Geoinformation system of highways

M1MT: Geoinformation system of highways is aimed for registration and certification, operation and maintenance management throughout the life cycle of highways. The system is used by road management authorities of all levels (state, regional, municipal), as well as in subordinate organizations. Use common technology to control highways outside settlements and city traffic network – a geoinformation system with a synced mobile app.

Features of the geoinformation system

  • the fullest possible set of functions: map navigation, data editing, map vector layers operating, spatial analysis, address search;
  • the user does not need any specialized software and cartographer qualifications for work as all you need is a web browser and internet connection;
  • ease of search, quick update and database editing;
  • constant readiness for operation;
  • protection of information from distortion and unauthorized access;
  • multi-user access mode and group database editing.
Геоінформаційна система автомобільних доріг
Геоінформаційна система автомобільних доріг
Геоінформаційна система автомобільних доріг

The geoinformation system of highways implements the newest concept of keeping and storing spatial passport data of highways

  • keep and display complex cadastral information (boundaries of the easement area, road cloth, roadways, slopes, etc.) on the highways;
  • carry out an automated information search and detailed view of road infrastructure objects with popular cartographic resources (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, BingMaps);
  • analyse the network of highways and road conditions by integrating to displaying parameters of smoothness, strength, cohesion of the passageway, geometric characteristics of the highways (number of driving lanes, width of the lane, roadway, and walkway, etc.);
  • get relevant analytical and statistical information on traffic accidents, accident-prone areas and other road hazards;
  • analyse existing and plan potential service objects by means of previously entered GIS materials of field measurements, project and working documentation, control and executive photo shooting;
  • provide quick access, administration and actualization of map data, orthophotomaps, digital and electronic maps;
  • provide citizens with a single point of access to information on the state of highways and relevant infrastructure (display of repair, reconstruction and improvement areas of highways).

Typical structure of Geoinformation system of highways

  • database of cartographic information (display of topographical and road maps, street maps, public cadastral map of Ukraine, orthophotomaps, etc.);
  • subsystem of storing and displaying cadastral information on highways with a detailed highway passport suitable for prompt access to scanned copies of documents (state acts of property right to land and servitude agreements, orders on recognition of roads, documents on road index and number assignment, acts of the state commission etc.) and references (information about the history of construction and reconstruction of the road, information on economic purpose of the road, etc.);
  • subsystem recording the state of road and traffic conditions (contains technical characteristics of the highway, including the type of covering, width of the roadway, number of lanes, presence of markings, etc.);
  • subsystem of traffic accidents monitoring and registration (location of accidents and their causes: short vision area, snowstorms, absence of pedestrian crossings), repairs (with indication of the date of the last repair, responsible persons, photo fixation of the performed works);
  • subsystem of engineering networks accounting and management, transport infrastructure, advertising structures, etc. (contains a detailed description of the objects of utilities infrastructure and artificial structures: bridges, crossovers, overpasses, etc.).

Requirements, cost, and terms of the order

The list of documents and materials necessary for the development of the geoinformation system of highways will be agreed individually. The cost of product development is based on a number of parameters: software, number of editors of GIS and entry points, thematic layers of the map, branching out the database, as well as individual wishes of the customer. The terms for web map development will be agreed additionally with regard to the ordered functionality.

Services which will be provided prior to implementation of the map

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
Коротка інформація

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