M1MT: Interactive map of communal property management

M1MT: Interactive map of communal property management is an automated mapping system for collecting, recording, storing, processing, and displaying information on the communal property of the city or village community. A web map is a laconic tool for organizing a large amount of spatial information and helps to increase the efficiency of communal property usage. Get advantages of quick access to information by using mapping applications – the geoinformation system and a synced mobile application.

Features of the interactive map

The map database contains information about the founders and authority in charge of communal property objects:

  • state of privatization;
  • legal state;
  • strategic importance, financial (accounting) and statistical data, information about branches, departments, representative offices and other separated divisions;
  • area of the land plots and areas for real estate development;
  • type, name and value of the property; terms of a lease, etc.

The above-mentioned information may be additionally supplied with photos, diagrams and official documents.

Інтерактивна карта управління комунальним майном
Інтерактивна карта управління комунальним майном
Інтерактивна карта управління комунальним майном
Інтерактивна карта управління комунальним майном

The interactive map is a new instrument for transparent, barrier-free, and comfortable utilization of city communal property

  • perform automated accounting of community-owned objects and land. Find out what real estate belongs to the city, its area, location, to whom and at what price it is leased, which objects are not leased yet;
  • encourage an optimizing number of enterprises in the communal sector of the economy;
  • monitor structural changes in the communal sector of the city economy;
  • ensure control over the effective usage of objects and land in communal property;
  • get a modern investment encouragement tool. The map provides open access to relevant information on free land plots and premises, infrastructure and resource potential of the city for potential investors, entrepreneurs, industrial partners, all interested persons;
  • ensure implementation of management decisions, openness and transparency of information about the state of communal services in the city.

A set of layers of the interactive map includes

  • the subsystem of basic maps, including cartographic resources: public cadastre map of Ukraine, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, etc.;
  • register of land plots of the territorial community in communal ownership;
  • register of objects in communal property of the territorial community (administrative buildings, educational institutions, science, culture, boiler houses, households, garages, etc.);
  • register of objects in communal property of the territorial community, which are leased (with the indication of lease terms, monthly rent price, debt obligations). The information may be supported with relevant scanned copies of documents may be added directly into the space of the interactive map;
  • unoccupied (free) land plots and premises that may be made available for use;
  • debtors lessees of communal property.
Інтерактивна карта управління комунальним майном

Requirements, cost, and terms of the order

To create the product M1MT: Interactive map of communal property management, the customer will provide a list of communal property objects and their passport data, which will then be displayed in the database of the web map. It is necessary to specify the exact location (address) of all objects, and for the land plots – a cadastral number or location scheme from the public cadastral map of Ukraine.

Calculation of the cost of interactive maps conducted taking into account a number of parameters:  number of thematic layers of the map and the number of objects of communal property, branching of the database, as well as the individual requests of the customer. The terms for web-map development will be up to 14 days from the date of providing materials necessary for the development of the map and signing a cooperation agreement.

Services which will be provided prior to implementation of the map

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
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