M1MT: Interactive village map

M1MT: Interactive village map – is a modern tool for managing the main treasure of the Ukrainian village – it’s land and labor resources. The interactive map displays the spatial information that is relevant for each manager in the village council office with the possibility of operating with thematic layers of the map and editing the content. The effectiveness of the use of interactive maps is achieved through a flexible database, supplemented reference information (descriptions of the depicted objects, numerical data, photographs, etc.).

Web map features

  • navigation on the map, data editing, operating with vector layers of the map, spatial analysis, address search;
  • to work, the user does not need specialized software and qualification of a cartographer, it is enough to have a web browser and an Internet connection;
  • easy search, quick update and edit the database;
  • constant readiness for work;
  • protection of information from distortion and unauthorized access;
  • management of the company’s vital processes from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet);
  • monitoring and assessing the quality of duties performance by the relevant services (social, communal), remote workers (inspectors, auditors, land surveyors), village council leadership;
  • monitoring and processing of citizens’ requests through an electronic survey system.
Геоінформаційна система територіальної громади
Геоінформаційна система територіальної громади

M1MT: Interactive village map – a reliable foundation for informed decision-making by the Head of the village

  • maintain up-to-date data on the management, household and production infrastructure of the village (layers of the map are educational institutions, culture, medicine, etc.);
  • get informational support and quick access to the spatial database and necessary land management documents via the Internet;
  • accelerates and increases the efficiency of the decision-making procedure in the field of agriculture and construction (selection of a land plot for allotment to ownership, for residential development, etc.);
  • plan activities for the maintenance and repair of railways and administrative buildings (an interactive map contains information about the implemented and planned repairs of roads and structures, money spent on this, etc.);
  • maintain a database of engineering networks, warn of emergency situations (the map reflects the underground engineering communications with their technical characteristics);
  • adhere to the building regulations (an electronic map visualizes security zones around engineering networks).

M1MT: Interactive village map for rural land surveyor`s needs

  • effectively manage the entire cartographic database of the village council: use vector maps of territory formation, cartograms of agro-industrial groups of soils, normative monetary value, etc.);
  • analyze the structure of land use in the countryside. The advanced functionality of the map displays information on the distribution of land by owners, ownership forms, users, lands;
  • determine the amount of land tax on the basis of a stratified electronic map of the normative monetary value;
  • obtain information quickly on the soil cover of individual territories of the village, competently plan agrotechnical and soil protection measures. The interactive map displays data on agro-industrial groups of soils and their main properties (power of the humus horizon, humus content, particle size distribution, etc.).

Approximate set of layers

  • the limit of the village (established on the basis of land management documents);
  • land assessment areas (with indication of their area, km2 coefficient, base price and land value, taking into account the normative monetary value);
  • soil production groups (type of soil and its properties);
  • engineering communications (type, technical characteristics, security zones, etc.);
  • street address directory (name, type of coverage, number of houses and residents);
  • public buildings (administrative buildings, social infrastructure, industrial facilities, public transport stops, etc.).

Materials needed to create an interactive map

  • the scheme of the normative monetary value of the village: the scheme of economic planning zoning, cartograms of the agro-industrial groups of soils, the pattern of manifestation of local factors (scanned copies of original documents);
  • the scheme of the village with the application of engineering communications, street names, administrative and socio-cultural institutions of the village and their contact details;
  • the master plan of the village.

Cost and timing of the order

The cost of creating an interactive map is calculated based on the number of parameters: the area of the village, the number of thematic map layers and the complexity of their configuration, the extensiveness of the database, and the individual wishes of the customer. The time frame for creating the basic functionality of a web map is up to 30 days from the moment the necessary source materials are provided and the cooperation agreement is signed.

Services which will be provided prior to implementation of the map

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
Коротка інформація

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