Creating a city geoportal

MagneticOne Municipal Technologies provides services on city geoportal development with unified content within the software environment of geoinformation systems.

The city geoportal is an internet resource, which serves as a single access point to a large number of information resources with the system of tools for review and search of geographic information, its visualization, downloading and sharing.

The main highlight of the geoportal is its focus on processing large volumes of data in order to create specialized industry and thematic decisions in the field of urban, land and other types of cadastre; for the operational management of territory development, tracking the location of investment sites, monitoring work of authorities and other. The main purpose of geoportal development is to ensure public exposure of city-planning activities, a unified solution of the city issues, increase the comfort of the residents and improve the quality of the urban environment. Development of geoportal provides not only free access to information but also the openness of the authorities for interaction with the city residents.

The geoportal spatial basis is made of a system of cartographic materials (including orthophoto maps, space images, topographic maps), which are supplemented by vector (boundaries of the city, site plan, red lines, normative monetary valuation, buildings and constructions, communal property objects, etc.) and semantic data (land cadastral information, address register, etc.).

In the municipal geoportal, there is the possibility of automated information search, detailed review of attribute data about objects, including in the mode of combination with popular cartographic resources (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, BingMaps), allows users to navigate easily in space.

Геопортал містобудівного кадастру
Інтерактивний генеральний план міста
Інтерактивний генеральний план міста

Advantages of municipal geoportal development

  • public exposure of city-planning activities, the unified solution of the city issues, increase of comfort of the residents and improvement of the quality of the urban environment;
  • access of citizens to the information on the state of environment, real estate market, transport and other information and reference, as well as informative geoinformation services;
  • automated search of information and detailed view of object data, also by means of popular cartographic resources (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, BingMaps);
  • centralized management of data on urban development objects;
  • quick access, administration and actualization of mapping and cartographic data, orthophoto maps, digital and electronic maps.
Коротка інформація

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