Geoinformation system for election management

Geoinformation system for election management – is a qualitatively new approach to managing the election process. The core of the election management system is a powerful geoinformation platform synchronized with a mobile mapping app. The product allows real-time monitoring of the electoral process, parallel counting of votes, solves a set of tasks for collecting, storing, displaying and analyzing information about the course of elections in the sections – district – constituency – region – state.

GIS features:

  • full set of functions: navigation on the map, data editing, operating with vector map layers, spatial analysis, address search by election commissions;
  • to work, the user does not need specialized software and qualification of a cartographer, it is enough to have a web browser, an Internet connection and a smartphone;
  • easy search, quick update and edit the database;
  • constant readiness for work;
  • protection of information from distortion and unauthorized access.
Геоінформаційна система управління виборами
Геоінформаційна система управління виборами
Геоінформаційна система управління виборами
Геоінформаційна система управління виборами

Benefits of GIS implementation

  • receive informational support of the electoral process at all stages of its implementation (from entering data on the start of voting at the time of opening of election commissions to monitoring voter turnout during voting and closing of the polling station);
  • achieve compliance with the rules and regulations for the implementation of elections by members of election commissions using a mobile app that contains information about the sequence of actions in elections;
  • carry out operational monitoring of violations of the law in the context of election commissions;
  • receive analytical information on the course of the elections in the form of graphs, diagrams, etc.;
  • view the results of the voting in the scale of the election commission of analytical reports in the context of administrative entities (region, district);
  • visualization of election results on election commissions on an electronic map;
  • reduce the possibility of falsifying elections by constantly monitoring the results of voting in real time.

Indicative set of GIS layers

  • the state border of the country, indicating the distribution of votes for candidates;
  • administrative-territorial structure of the country (administrative regions, districts, boundaries of the United territorial communities);
  • adding new and editing existing digital data (changing the geometry of objects and information about them);
  • election districts, indicating their number, the number of voters and the number of polling stations, the winner in the district, etc.;
  • state election commissions with their number, address, number of voters, status (ordinary, special, foreign), size (small, medium, large), etc.
Геоінформаційна система управління виборами
Геоінформаційна система управління виборами

GIS components

  • web component;
  • geographic information system;
  • mobile app.

On election day, observers, using a mobile app, enter information on the opening/closing of election commissions, violations, the introduction of the Protocol and the results for each candidate. The application reminds observers automatically of the need to enter information. All the information obtained is visually displayed in the user’s account on the site.

Cost and timing of the order

The cost of creating a geographic information system is calculated taking into account the extensiveness of the database, the number of users-analysts of the system, the number of election observers, also the individual wishes of the customer. The deadline for creating a web map is 30-60 days from the date of the submission of the necessary materials for its construction and the signing of a cooperation agreement.

Services which will be provided prior to solution

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
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