Interactive map “Wooden temples of Ternopil region”

Customer: Department of Internal Policy, Religion and Nationalities of the Ternopil Regional State Administration.

Date of implementation: August 2018.

Purpose of the project:

  • creation of a spatial electronic database of monuments of the wooden sacral heritage of Ternopil region;
  • visualization of the state of the wooden temples of Ternopil region by means of cartographic, photo and video materials as a geographic information system;
  • creation of a single information field for the community of hangers of wooden architecture;
  • introduction of interactive technologies of visualization of information with wide possibilities of combining, processing and displaying spatial data of sacred content;
  • to attract the attention of the society to the rich sacred heritage of the native land.

Results: using an up-to-date mapping and information technology, an affordable tool for fixing, recording, organizing, storing and visualizing information about the wooden temples of Ternopil region was created. The resource, on the one hand, gives a spatial representation of the nature of the distribution of wooden temples across the territory of the Ternopil region, and, on the other hand, the possibility of communicating information to a wide range of users through its publicity.

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