About our company

The activities of MagneticOne Municipal Technology are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the work of state authorities, local governments, industries,and ordinary citizen through the introduction of modern GIS-technologies.

The strategic goal of the company – is the wide implementation of geoinformation systems (GIS) into all spheres of society, economy, business, and government to provide scientifically and economically justified managerial decisions.

The basic principle of our company – is the openness to cooperation and interaction with various organizations which specialize in geoinformation modeling and web mapping. So based on that principle, MagneticOne Municipal Technologies is implementing a partnership program, inviting advanced teams and organizations to cooperation, which are interested in buying and using geoinformation modeling data.

Priority activities of MagneticOne Municipal Technologies

  • development and implementation of municipal geoinformation systems and open data geoportals to ensure publicity and transparency of the authorities;
  • creation of specialized GIS and mobile mapping applications to ensure the comfortable management of natural resources and fast decision-making  regarding their rational use;
  • grant informational  support with environmental safety and prevention of emergencies through the introduction of GIS-based municipal emergency operations centers;
  • development of toolkits for registering of the problem areas of the municipality, the core of which is a powerful geoinformation platform.

Urban Planning

Use municipal GIS, specialized solutions that clearly meet the needs of cities, depending on their size (small, medium, large cities, metropolis)


Track the location of passenger, special vehicles and emergency services in real time

Engineering communication

Providing information support to preventive and disaster recovery works on engineering networks

Environmental security

Conduct monitoring and control the current state of the city’s environment


Select building plots with all the necessary parameters


Achieve efficiency in the management of land resources


Get spatial information about forest resources, provide control over the condition and use of the forest fund

Water cadastre

Getting quantitative and qualitative information about water bodies that are inaccessible during field studies or measurements


Inform the population about the amount of tax payment for a cartographic database published on the Internet


Predict possible dangers in emergencies, reduce negative impacts on the lives of people, the economy and the environment

Check out the positive effect of the current solution of the MagneticOne Municipal Technologies company in more than of 20 spheres:

  • rising of revenue part of the local budget by 15-20% at the expense of transparent monitoring of financial processes;
  • comfort and safety management of inhabitants of settlements;
  • reduction of risks related to the influence of the human factor
  • automation of reporting, planning and forecasting development of resource-based industries.