Creation of Municipal Emergency Operations Center

MagneticOne Municipal Technologies offers services on the creation of a platform for coordinated interaction of urban subdivisions, various departments and specialized services. All the tools necessary for this purpose combine the Municipal emergency operations center, which allows dispatchers and management to work with large amounts of data and effectively coordinate operations of all the units involved. The Emergency operations center collects and processes information about everything happening in the city – from the history of road accidents and meteorological conditions to the state of engineering infrastructure.

The Municipal emergency operations center combines the most advanced communication tools and specialized software (primarily a powerful geoinformation platform with the function to connect additional modules), which allows processing many amounts of information in no time. The results of the analysis in the visual format are transmitted to one or several screens of different sizes – from many video walls to tablets and mobile devices.

The Municipal emergency operations center serves for the prompt adoption of management decisions by the municipal management, control and monitoring of various situations, objects and processes (real-time management of traffic, work of police and ambulance mobile brigades, emergency workers, utility facilities, etc.). In big geographically dispersed police departments, ambulances, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine management by means of the Emergency operations Center, is monitored the performance of all departments and affiliates, regulating the scale from municipal level to specific employees. In state bodies of various levels, the Emergency operations Center is used for solving crisis situations, external and internal issues with several people involved. In a “smart city” they become the core of complex systems that combine information flows from a variety of systems for operational control and management, a comprehensive analysis of many simultaneous events.

Advantages of using a Municipal emergency operations center

  • organization of continuous monitoring of object management regardless of its scale, location and structural complexity;
  • providing accurate and up-to-date information about all processes to experts and analysts quickly and in a convenient form;
  • improving the quality of pre-analysis of data through the use of the center-based powerful analytical solutions;
  • improvement of management processes through the involvement of managers not only to approvement of decisions but also at all stages of their processing;
  • a quick simulation of various scenarios for the development of events, forecasting consequences of certain management decisions, minimizing risks and preventing unwanted situations.

Analytical core of the Municipal emergency operations center and specialized software

  • programs for collecting statistics from various sources: video cameras, sensors, economic and financial indicators, aerospace monitoring systems, TV surveillance, traffic control, etc.;
  • mathematical and statistical analysis programs, intended for the evaluation of received information, data sorting and allocation of the most important information by means of fast and efficient algorithms;
  • simulation programs that provide analysis on the model “what if …”;
  • programs for forecasting future urban environment;
  • image processing and analysis programs used for work with visual information, creating digital land models and three-dimensional city models, solving tasks related to the spatial image references, etc.

Stages of services on establishment of Municipal Emergency operations Center

  • Design
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Engineering equipment
  • Technological equipment
  • Technical maintenance and operation
  • Implementation of analytical tools
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