M1MT: Interactive map of amenities

M1MT: Interactive map of amenities – is a municipal web resource displaying procedure for complex execution of works on engineering protection, cleaning and cleanup, landscaping the territory, public service, provision of social and economic, organizational and legal, as well as environmental measures for improvement of microclimate, sanitation, noise reduction, utilization of recyclable materials, etc. The interactive map is a control tool for observance and implementation of local programs as well as the implementation of amenities in the city.

Functionalities of the interactive map

  • informing the public about the obligations of participants regarding maintaining cleanliness and order in the city;
  • displaying a network of profile services which will carry out maintenance and cleaning of the city;
  • navigating through the map, zooming; connecting and disconnecting data to the display set;
  • connecting and disconnecting data to the display set;
  • attachment of space images for display;
  • display of data and detailed reference information on a separate object;
  • implementation of spatial and attributive queries, search capability;
  • management and monitoring of city cleaning via mobile phone;
  • evaluation of public services quality by means of a query system.
Геоінформаційна система аудиту міста
Геоінформаційна система аудиту міста
Геоінформаційна система аудиту міста

Create comfortable city environment by implementing interactive maps

  • get a complex view of the areas of responsibility of individuals and organizations (housing and community amenities, apartment building co-owners associations, private enterprises etc.) responsible for sweeping, landscaping, and cleaning the urban environment;
  • get full reference information on public and private organizations providing urban amenities (their addresses, e-mail, phone numbers, information on responsible persons);
  • optimize work on garbage collection, snow removal and other special equipment by tracking routes in real time;
  • inform public of recyclable materials collection points (glass, plastic, electronic equipment, batteries, lamps, etc.);
  • provide the function of public control over compliance with the territory improvement rules of the settlement through the system of electronic queries: assessment of service provision quality, sending electronic messages on improper performance of duties and/or emergencies with an option to form a photo report, etc.;
  • faster response to public demand by utility services and, consequently, raising quality of services provided.

An approximate set of thematic layers of the interactive map

  • housing and community amenities enterprises;
  • areas of responsibility of persons and organizations responsible for cleaning the territory;
  • routes of special equipment (snow cleaning and snowplow vehicles);
  • recycling points (glass, plastic, batteries, lamps, computer equipment, etc.);
  • locations for snow disposal, storage of garbage, leaves, etc.
Геоінформаційна система аудиту міста

List of materials necessary for basic interactive map functionality

In order to create an interactive map, the customer will provide a list of housing and utilities companies that are responsible for servicing and cleaning the city in a tabular form with relevant data (contact details, location address, areas of responsibility, availability of special equipment, etc.), which will then be displayed in the database of the web map.

Cost and terms of performance

Calculation of the cost of interactive map development will depend on the number of thematic layers of the map, branching of the database, as well as the individual requests of the customer. The terms for web-map development will be up to 14 days from the date of providing materials necessary for the development of the map and signing a cooperation agreement.

Services which will be provided prior to implementation of the map

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
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