About partnership

The priority task of the company MagneticOne Municipal Technologies is to build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships that enable us to provide our Clients with the most comprehensive and high-quality product. We are committed to our business, share our devotion with our partners to go forward together and achieve success. We value our partners and are always open for cooperation, we are sincerely excited about new ideas and opportunities!

At the same time, our partners are stable, advanced companies, leaders in the field of geo-information technologies. Thanks to this, we guarantee the quality of our services and the functionality of our GIS products.

Partnership benefits

  • get high-quality GIS products from MagneticOne Municipal Technologies for effective management decisions;
  • get a steady income from partnerships in the amount of 20% of the sale of GIS products;
  • receive public recognition through the implementation of innovative geo-information solutions;
  • jоin the team of professionals, let’s develop together.

Partnership forms

Since the sphere of geoinformation technologies is one of the most dynamic and technological branches of modernity, the main task of the individual partnership is to unite our strengths – personal, professional and managerial. In this case, the partner is a team player, this is the first member of our common team with whom you can achieve synergy. However, the partner assumes part of the duties and responsibilities in accordance with their strengths.

Constant communication with a like-minded partner is a way to produce common ideas, creativity and dedication, understanding and support in difficult business situations. For us, each of our partners is a source of strategic key competencies that form the competitive advantage of our company, it is a source of confidence in the success of our common business in achieving our goals.

This form of partnership is an ideal option if you are dealing with territorial management, land management and cadastre, urban planning and rational use of natural resources. Knowing the needs of the client, you can recommend him a quality solution, get his thanks and our partner rewards. To become an individual partner, it is enough to register in the affiliate program on the site.

The main goal of MagneticOne Municipal Technologies is to meet the growing needs of society in all types of geographic information, increase the efficiency of using geospatial data and geo-information technologies in the interests of the sustainable development of society. This task today cannot be accomplished by combining the efforts of only like-minded individuals. Such global goals will require the integration of entire companies.

MagneticOne Municipal Technologies is looking for partners for fruitful cooperation in the field of GIS industry, initiating joint GIS projects, discussing events, trends and problems of geoinformatics development and raising the professional level of GIS specialists, facilitating constructive dialogue between representatives of vendor companies, creating conditions for common implementation of geo-information products.

In the field of marketing, we offer companies working in the B2B area to combine efforts and opportunities to jointly promote our products and solutions.

Joint promotion includes:

  • developing a clear strategy for the needs of the target audience, obtaining information about their behavior and motivation when making decisions through the creation of conditions for successful communication;
  • joint creation of unique solutions and proposals that will meet the needs of the consumer of GIS products will have competitive advantages compared to others on the market;
  • justification of the proposals of unique values ​​(exclusive services, products and solutions);
  • transition from one-time successful transactions in a long mutually beneficial cooperation based on mutual trust.

This form of partnership was created for companies of geographic information systems and software development (vectorizers of raster images, data processing packages of engineering surveying and engineering design, spatial analysis and modeling, software for data processing of remote sensing, reference and cartographic systems, GIS viewers etc.) that mount products and ideas of the MagneticOne Municipal Technologies into their products, to improve the quality of management solutions.

As part of a technology partnership, MagneticOne Municipal Technologies offers companies that use our solutions the following:

  • priority technical support;
  • priority technical GIS consulting and assistance with the integration with the company’s products;
  • enhanced access to technical information on MagneticOne Municipal Technologies products and services, mutual testing, creation and promotion of joint products and solutions;
  • creating products and optimizing solutions on favorable terms;
  • assistance to the partner in promoting products in the form of joint marketing activities.

That is why we will be happy to consider integration proposals from companies that are engaged in the development and implementation of geo-information technologies in all areas of society.

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