M1MT: Interactive map of investment attractiveness

M1MT: Interactive map of investment attractiveness – is a web resource that reflects investment potential of the region (territorial community, region, and city), provides an opportunity to comprehensively assess investment opportunities of an administrative unit, examine available investment infrastructure and outline its competitive advantages. Get a modern tool for attracting investors through the introduction of a map web service (geoinformation system and a synced mobile app); create new levers for establishing a barrier-free and comfortable investment climate.

The core of the map is an extensive database, the main task of which is to provide the investor with the most complete idea of the investment object: its location, area, detailed description, a form of ownership or usage, target and functional purposes, utilities. The map shows free production areas, land plots, mineral deposits, etc.

Features of the interactive map

  • a full set of functions: map navigation, data editing, vector map layers management, spatial analysis, address search;
  • for its operation the user does not need any specialized software or qualification of a cartographer – a web browser and an Internet connection would be enough;
  • ease of search, quick update and database editing also via smartphone;
  • constant operational readiness;
  • protection of information from distortion and unauthorized access;
  • description of investment objects, land plots, and offers may be supplemented by photos, charts, diagrams, etc.
Інтерактивна карта інвестиційної привабливості

Interactive map of investment attractiveness is a tool for increasing investment potential of the region (territorial community, region, city)

  • promote the economic development of the administrative unit, boost the competitiveness of the local economy, facilitate the creation of new jobs and increase of income;
  • implement an interactive platform (geoinformation system and a mobile app) for detailed display and familiarization of potential investors with the investment objects;
  • increase the efficiency of using all kinds of resources of the region;
  • increase the inflow of funds and number of potential investors, promote positive decision making towards attracting investments;
  • support small and medium businesses through their inclusion to investment objects;
  • implement an effective tool for establishing business contacts with future investors.

Investment map as an effective guide for the investor

  • search for the most suitable place to do business, choose suitable facilities or land for the enterprise and investment;
  • use thematic layers of the map and adjustable map base for familiarization with surrounding traffic (estimate the distance to railroad and highway, power systems) and socio-cultural infrastructure;
  • analyze the profitability of the invested funds by means of an attributive database, further illustrated with plans of the buildings, schemes of facilities of the territory, etc.

A set of layers of the investment map

  • subsystem of basic maps, including cartographic resources: public cadastre map of Ukraine, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and etc.;
  • administrative-territorial structure of the territory (region, district, territorial community);
  • brownfield sites or free production areas;
  • greenfield or free land plots;
  • investment projects;
  • open for investment mineral deposits.

Cost, requirements and terms of the order

Calculation of the cost of creating an interactive map will be carried out with an account to a number of parameters: number of thematic layers of the map and number of investment objects, branching of the database, as well as individual requests of the customer. The terms for developing a web map will be up to 14 days from the date of provision of necessary materials. To create an interactive map, the customer will provide a list of investment objects and their passport data, which will then be displayed in the database of the web map. Regarding all investment objects, it is necessary to specify the exact location (address) of the object (district, city/village, street, house) and provide a cadastral number or a copy from the public cadastral map of Ukraine.

Services which will be provided prior to implementation of the map

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
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