MagneticOne Municipal Technologies provides consulting services in the field of geo-information technologies, development of interactive maps, geoportals and cartographic mobile applications.

Since the process of creating a cartographic product is quite complicated, counseling is an essential element at different stages of its preparation: from pre-project study of documentation to adapting the geographic information system to the specific needs of the customer. Despite the fact that not many organizations have the necessary knowledge and experience in the development, implementation and support of geographic information systems, especially in a corporate environment, consulting today is a requirement of time. The consultant will be the key person to help you design and use the web maps that best suit your needs.


Get the practical assistance of experts in the field of geo-information technologies, industry professionals, developers and our partners at the design stage, the actual creation and further use (support):

  • learn how to get the most useful effect from the implementing of GIS, interaction with opinion leaders who have experience in implementing geographic information systems in your industry;
  • develop a successful long-term plan for the functioning of the processes that lie in the field of GIS product solutions;
  • simulate the expected result from the introduction of GIS and the management process using GIS (use the latest GIS capabilities, gain a competitive advantage);
  • find a solution that allows you to turn your ideas, needs and desires into clear strategic recommendations and design requirements for choosing the optimal functionality for a future GIS. Invest in the future by improving the quality, efficiency of workflows, the effectiveness of decisions.
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