M1MT: Geoinformation system of city audit

M1MT: Geoinformation system of city audit is the first and the most important stage of every city’s life, which starts implementing open data policy. The map is intended to inventory all problematic areas of the municipality (potholes on roads, lack of pedestrian crossings and inspection wells hatches, places of unauthorized waste storage, cutting trees, etc.) by means of mobile application equipped with a powerful geographic information platform. The mobile app survey system local authorities to release information about activities of city communal services and receive feedback from citizens on the quality of provided services in the user-friendly form (for auditors, inspectors and citizens).

Features of the platform

  • an intuitive system of queries (surveys) of citizens on improving the urban environment and reporting the problem;
  • an option to provide a photo-report of the problem, in addition to the query, to pass for processing exact coordinates of the incident, and evaluate the urgency of the solution;
  • monitoring of existing queries of citizens in real time on an electronic map;
  • filtering auditors reports according to the specifics of the problem (maintenance of housing, roads, sidewalks, streets, city lighting, traffic lights and traffic signs, green areas and city plantations, etc.), the urgency of its solution;
  • the user does not need special software to work, it is enough to have a web browser and Internet connection;
  • 24 hours a day opportunity to leave a message about the problem, constant readiness of the resource for work;
  • monitoring and prompt response to incidents, ability to process large volumes of queries, collect data on problems and monitor their solution.
Геоінформаційна система аудиту міста
Геоінформаційна система аудиту міста
Геоінформаційна система аудиту міста

Advantages of using a geoinformation system of city audit for the municipality management

  • get information on the quality of duties performed by staff;  
  • control the activities of mobile workers (auditors, inspectors), identify dishonest employees and increase discipline within the team;
  • get reliable, documented justification for making managerial decisions thanks to the possibility of creating a photo-report of the problem and criticality assessment of its solution;
  • detect the improper state of equipment and tools that directly affect the comfort and safety of citizens (for example, confirmation of safety compliance of buildings, structures, adherence to fire safety requirements, the reliability of fire hydrants);
  • monitor the dynamics of quality changes for the services provided.

Increase the level of citizen involvement in the process of forming the quality of the urban environment through the introduction of the geoinformation system

  • inform executive authorities about the poor performance of public services, assess the quality of provided services;
  • promptly inform public services about emergencies on roads, adjacent areas (break of water pipes, flooding, blackout);
  • mark and take photos of unauthorized garbage collection areas, constant violations of law and order as well as traffic regulations, improperly parked vehicles, etc.;
  • offer places for putting new road signs, reduce the number of road accidents.
Геоінформаційна система аудиту міста

Basic composition of the platform for the city audit

  • subsystem of public electronic queries and registration of incidents by citizens according to the areas: improvement of the street and road network and adjoining territory, maintenance of green plantations, exploitation and repair of housing, maintenance of engineering networks, etc.;
  • subsystem of the planned audit of the city by mobile workers (inspectors) and relevant operational services (fire audit, production safety audit, environmental audit, drinking water quality audit, green zones audit, etc.).

Cost and terms of performance

Calculation of the cost of interactive map development will depend on the number of thematic layers of the map, branching of the database, as well as the individual requests of the customer. The terms for web-map development will be up to 14 days from the date of providing materials necessary for the development of the map and signing a cooperation agreement.

Services which will be provided prior to implementation of the map

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
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