M1MT: Interactive tourist map

M1MT: Interactive tourist map – a web-mapping product designed for storing, accumulating and displaying information about tourist sites and routes, tourist infrastructure. Spatial information on the map is divided into thematic categories, each of which contains several cartographic layers with the possibility of finding a tourist object and obtaining additional information about it. The map consists of a geographic data system (spatial reference) and tourist sites with numerous places of interest, additional information about the tourist infrastructure and the possibility of detailed familiarization with these objects. Use technology to manage the tourism industry – implement a geographic information system and a synchronized with it mobile app for tourists.

Interactive map features

  • display of tourist sites and routes of the region on any device connected to the Internet;
  • moving around the map, changing the display scale;
  • connecting and disconnecting to the display of data sets, satellite images;
  • visualization of data and detailed reference information on an individual object;
  • execution of spatial and attribute queries, the ability to search;
  • possibility of group data editing, constant readiness of a resource for work.
Інтерактивна туристична карта
Інтерактивна туристична карта
Інтерактивна туристична карта
Інтерактивна туристична карта

Use a wide range of analytical capabilities of an interactive tourist map

  • display the network of tourist objects of the region on an electronic map with the ability to search, performing custom queries;
  • get detailed information about the tourist object – its location, appearance (architectural style, state of conservation, etc. for architectural sights), map, photo and video materials, historical background and much more;
  • visualize the hotel-resort and road transport infrastructure, provide information support for the development of the tourism and recreation sector in the region;
  • carry out the design of recreational and tourist activities, tourism facilities, sanatorium-resort facilities, tourist routes, etc. due to the imposition of additional map layers (transport routes, hotels, restaurants, etc.);
  • use thematic map layers and a variable cartographic basis (satellite view, topographic map, street map) to familiarize yourself with the surrounding road transport and socio-cultural infrastructure;
  • analyze the information and analytical database of tourism for the strategic management of the development of the tourism and recreation sector;
  • get objective information about the weather conditions on the ground, the exact location and coordinates of the tourist object, including from a smartphone or tablet.

Set of the interactive map layers

  • monuments of architecture and town planning (fortification architecture, religious buildings, the architectural heritage of public use);
  • archaeological monuments (settlements, burial mounds, remnants of ancient settlements, fortifications, etc.)
  • historical monuments;
  • art objects (theaters, palaces, houses and centers of culture, museums, art schools, philharmonic societies);
  • objects of the nature reserve fund (national natural parks, reserves, etc.);
  • objects of tourist infrastructure (hotels, points of food, objects of information tourist service, etc.);
  • tourist routes;
  • facilities that are responsible for tourist safety (law enforcement agencies, emergency facilities, etc.).
Інтерактивна туристична карта

Requirements, cost and timing of the order

To create a product M1MT: Interactive tourist map, the customer must provide a list of tourist sites and their passport data (descriptions), which will later be displayed in the web map database. For all objects of tourism, you should definitely indicate the exact location (address) of the object (district, city/village, street, house). The cost of creating an interactive map is calculated taking into account the number of thematic map layers and the number of tourist facilities, the extensiveness of the database, as well as the individual wishes of the customer. The deadline for the creation of a web map is up to 14 days from the moment the materials necessary for its implementation are submitted and the cooperation agreement is signed.

Services which will be provided prior to implementation of the map

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and mapsт
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
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