M1MT: Taxation of real estate and land

Use the M1MT: Taxation of real estate and land – automated geoinformation system for the effective functioning of the tax system at the level of local territorial entities (territorial communities, cities and villages). GIS is designed to automate the functions of collecting taxes to the local budget, to conduct a comprehensive operational analysis of taxable objects, to provide management bodies and relevant levels of tax services with reliable information.

The purpose of the implementation of M1MT: Taxation of real estate and land is to monitor compliance with tax legislation in the field of real estate and land, the correctness of their accrual, completeness and timeliness of the local taxes established by law to be included in the relevant budgets.

New local budget opportunities with M1MT: Taxation of real estate and land

  • improve the efficiency of the tax system by speeding up and increasing the quality of decisions made;
  • create a unified spatial register of taxable objects, increase budget revenues of local governments and optimize real estate management;  
  • improve the accuracy of data on the accounting of payers and the effectiveness of monitoring compliance with tax laws;
  • ensure the speed of data acquisition, analyze the dynamics of the taxes receipt and the possibility of forecasting these dynamics;
  • impose financial sanctions provided for by the law for its violation and ensure the correctness of their use;
  • get real-time data on actual revenues from taxes and payments to the budget.

M1MT: Taxation of real estate and land – the comfort promotion of local citizens by

  • ensuring the correctness of accrual and control over the timely payment of taxes to the budget;
  • to avoid discrepancies between the data of the controlling authorities and the data confirmed by the tax payer on the basis of originals of the relevant documents, information from which can be entered online;
  • reduction of paper workflow.   

The structure of the spatial database M1MT: Taxation of real estate and land

  • basic geoinformation resources: a single cartographic basis with a register of geographical names (streets, rivers), a layer of buildings and structures, land, etc.;
  • thematic information resources are supplemented with an appropriate attribute component: the nature of buildings and structures according to their functional use (residential, commercial), social infrastructure, agricultural land;
  • complex or problem-oriented information resources, as a set of basic and thematic resources combined into a certain system with the formation of a new resource to solve a specific problem, for example, displaying houses of more than 120 square meters or land plots for which tax arrears and the like remain.

Services to be provided prior to GIS development

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database

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