Georeferencing maps

The MagneticOne Municipal Technologies company offers services on georeferencing maps, charts and plans in the software environment of geoinformation systems for their further unified usage.

Very often, at the stage of creating a geoinformation system, regardless of its purpose, the user faces the problem of transferring spatial data from paper carriers (separate sheets of urban planning documentation, forestry holdings plans, etc.) into a vector format. This problem may be solved by scanning raster images and their subsequent geospatial coordination, i.e. spatial attachment of raster information to the given coordinate system.

The georeferencing means bringing the source materials to the real geographic location. Georeferencing appears to be an act of collating reference points that join coordinates on the raster images with coordinates of spatially bound information layers.

Referencing of cartographic materials is carried out as follows:

  • collating reference points with subsequent introduction of their spatial coordinates;
  • reference to the information layer with the specified spatial coordinates.;

Manage the cartographic database of an enterprise or even a whole settlement, create thematic layers of the map, and provide convenient working conditions with cartographic material.

Коротка інформація

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