FAQ – About ordering services

What do we get by purchasing a software license?

You get the ability to collect, store, display, analyze the spatial information entered in the geographic information system or geoportal created on the basis of the software.

What is the minimum usage period for mapping software?

The minimum period of mapping software use is 1 year.

What is the maximum prepayment term for mapping software?

The maximum prepayment period is 4 years.

How does the price of mapping software change?

Over the past 4 years, the price of software has grown by no more than 5%.

What happens to my data when the software license expires?

After the license expires within a month (30 calendar days), data can be restored by extending the license validity period. In case of refusal to extend the license validity / non-payment for the use of the software at the request of the Customer, the data is stored on a single desktop computer.

Where is the resource (geographic information system, geoportal) located after its creation?

The map can be located on the customer’s website or on a separate link. Depending on the option chosen for creating a resource, the data may be stored on the Customer’s server or in the cloud.

Is a training course for workers on mapping resource support?

On the company basis, as well as remotely held courses on mastering the skills to work in the environment of created cartographic resources. Also, the instructions for the use of the resource and video are being provided, the customer support service is work. For an additional fee, a special platform for employee training is provided.

Can we get a discount on the creation of a geographic information system?

Consultation on obtaining discounts on the creation of a geographic information system can be obtained from the customer service manager by phone specified in the Contacts section or by writing an e-mail.

Can we place an orthophotomap on the resource, a scanned master plan, etc.?

Yes, but these materials can be arranged only in the server version of the solution.

Can we post a master plan on a resource?

Yes, in vector format this function is implemented in the cloud solution. However, in a raster format, this function is implemented in a server solution.

Is it possible to create an e-card based mobile app?

Mobile mapping application can be created on the previously developed geographic information system basis for an additional fee.


Where can I download the mobile mapping application?

The created mobile mapping application can be downloaded from the online stores PlayMarket and AppStore.

Where are the solutions and products of MagneticOne Municipal Technologies?

Embedded solutions and products of the MagneticOne Municipal Technologies can be found in the We Have Implemented section.

What is the term to create cartographic products?

The term for creating an interactive map depends on the complexity of the order. When creating an interactive map, it fluctuates within 14-60 days, a geographic information system of average complexity – 30-90 days, a geoportal – 90-240 days. When creating a mobile mapping application up to 14 days.

How does the price of the product form?

The cost of creating a mapping product includes the cost of specialized licensed mapping software, the cost of information and technical services to create and configure the application itself. Among other services, the following are possible:

  • scanning of primary documents, including maps and plans;
  • the geographic location of scanned materials;
  • creating spatial databases;
  • digitizing materials;
  • creation of digital including three-dimensional models, and other services.

Additionally, technical support of the created GIS products is possible.

In what format does the Customer provide information for creating an interactive map or a geographic information system?

Information is provided in electronic form: we reserve for the customer the right to provide spatial information for creating GIS in vector format * dmf (Digitals), * tab (MapInfo), * km / kmz (Google Maps), * in4, * shp (ArcGIS, QGIS). If the customer is not able to provide information of the appropriate format, employees of the company provide data preparation services before being paid to the GIS for an additional fee.

What are the stages of work on the creation of a geoinformation system?

  • Signing a software supply contract and the agreement on the implementation of geographic information systems;
  • Coordination of technical specifications;
  • Preparation of materials for entering into GIS;
  • Filling data geographic information systems;
  • The introduction of geographic information systems in trial operation;
  • Conducting a training course on the use of geographic information systems;
  • Progress report and public presentation of the project;
  • Support geographic information system (if necessary).

Do we need a specialist to maintain the resource?

The cartographic applications created by MagneticOne Municipal Technologies have an intuitive interface and do not require the qualification of a GIS specialist or cartographer. In the case of creating a specialized mapping application, the company’s employees conduct a course on keeping the resource up to date.

What are the PC minimal system requirements for convenient use of the map?

Intel Core i3 (2.2 GHz) / RAM 4 GB / HDD 500 GB, Internet access.

Is it possible to hide (make for internal use) part of the map layers?

To control access to GIS data, it is possible to separate the access rights of users of the system to map data. Depending on the role of the user in the database and his official duties, restrictions are imposed on the rights to edit and view the thematic map layers.


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