Education management of Ukrainian educational institutions

Today, there is a lot of competition in the labor market. In order to constantly improve your level of knowledge, and to be competitive, there is not always time.
Yaware Courses is an opportunity to increase their competence without leaving the office.
Everyone is familiar with the situation when, in order to improve the skills of workers, they should be sent to courses and for the time of their absence to whom to transfer their duties.

Yaware.Courses gives a solution to these problems! Gather everyone in a convenient online office

What is Yaware.Courses?

Yaware.Courses is an electronic education management system whose task is to simplify and optimize the educational process, to transform the educational process into a modern and progressive format of the MOOC.

With the help of Yaware.Courses you can

  • create and import training materials, structuring them into curricula and individual Knowledge Base;
  • carry out an audit of theoretical and practical knowledge on the application of bills;
  • generate individual and general analytical reports with a graphic display of learning outcomes;
  • automatically assign courses for different calendar periods, according to the adopted plan and deadlines.

For any manager the prestige of his organization is important, and prestige depends on the level of competence of his employees.

First steps to work at Yaware.Courses

Create or add a training course to the system, structure information (training resources) and training materials in your own Knowledge Base.
Prepare a test that will determine the level of acquired knowledge and qualifications of personnel. According to the test results, generate a report and analytics. Enter the data into the system and continue to create the structure of the curriculum.

Yaware.Courses is a platform for hosting online courses.

To create a course you need:

  • thematic materials;
  • photo, video materials;
  • testing.

Advantages of the service Yaware.Courses

  • Easy to use:
    intuitive interface, modern and user-friendly design.
  • Functionality:
    The platform provides ample opportunities to manage the learning process.
  • Language:
    Speech communication – Ukrainian, Russian and 40 additional interface languages ​​eliminate the language barrier.
  • Price:
    Reasonable combination of price and platform value for political organization.
  • Service support 24/7.

Forming the curriculum you can use

  • text documents;
  • tables;
  • video;
  • picture;
  • graphics.

Who will benefit from the Yaware.Courses platform?

  • HR – managers;
  • businesses and businesses;
  • candidates for the position of the civil servant;
  • heads of department;
  • clerks;
  • educational institutions.

Learn and study with Yaware.Courses!

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