Interactive map of communal property management in the city of Ternopil

Customer: Office of accounting and control over the use of municipal property of the Ternopil city council.
Date of implementation: September 2017.

Purpose of the project:

  • implementation of automated accounting of objects of communal property;
  • monitoring of structural changes in the municipal sector of the city’s economy;
  • ensuring control over the effective use of communal property objects;
  • ensuring the implementation of managerial decisions, openness and transparency of information about the state of the city’s communal services.

Results: an automated cartographic system has been introduced for collecting, recording, accumulating, processing and displaying information about the communal property of the city community of Ternopil. The web map includes more than 1000 objects of communal property, is the most concise tool for streamlining a large amount of spatial information and contributes to improving the efficiency of use of city property.

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