Scanning maps and plans

MagneticOne Municipal Technologies company offers services of scanning different scale maps and plans in А5-А0 format.

In order to ensure the process of electronic raster maps fund formation or their further digitalization, scanning of materials from paper carriers is carried out. For scanning, the materials are used broaching and tablet scanners. Map scanning is carried out from the graphics editor, which allows you to save and make the primary transformation of the received electronic copy:

  • the crop of the theme;
  • stitch or cut it into smaller pieces;
  • make geometric correction of the scanned copy;
  • get richer raster image enhancement, etc.

In many cases, it is necessary to create an image from separate segments. Such stitching is carried out by merging separate images into one and even forming a “mosaic” from a large number of files. Stitching of segments is carried out by identifying several common points within the image so that the cross-linked segments mostly overlap each other.

Сканування карт і планів
Сканування карт і планів

Technical requirements for scanning

The technical requirements are set in view of the fact that the data to be transformed into an electronic form are stored on different media and have different nature of the distortion.
Therefore, in order to get the highest quality to the source material will apply the following technical requirements:

  • the palette for monochrome maps – greyscale;
  • the palette for color maps – color;
  • 300-600 dpi resolution;
  • output file format. – JPEG, TIFF.

For the purpose of data systematization, the scanned and united cartographic materials are named according to the nomenclature or identification number.

Experts of the company guarantee:

  • high speed and accuracy of scanning;
  • high color rendering when scanning;
  • work with a wide range of material thicknesses;
  • careful attitude to the object of scanning (especially when scanning historical maps, maps in poor physical condition, etc.)
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