Creation of mobile mapping app

The company MagneticOne Municipal Technologies provides services on the creation of a mobile mapping app that runs on operating systems: Android, IOS, Windows.

A mobile mapping app provides users with access to corporate geographic information (electronic map and spatial data) in the field. It allows employees of relevant government institutions and citizens receive current information on their mobile phone or tablet, accelerating analysis, displaying and decision making by using updated, more accurate spatial data.

The application tools make it possible to search for the necessary data, zoom the found object (places of repair, incident, etc.), estimate the distance to the object or determine the direction of its search. Among other features of the mapping application is displaying on the screen of mobile device descriptive characteristics (including photos, drawings and diagrams) of the relevant object (engineering communications, land plots, communal property, investment projects, etc.).


Public officers use mobile GIS app for the following purposes

  • field mapping – creation, editing and updating electronic maps and databases in the field on a real-time basis;
  • inventory of assets – the creation of property description and related attributive information (e.g. fire audit, planned inventory of engineering networks, etc.);
  • maintenance and inspection of assets – updating information on the location of assets, terms and schedule of their maintenance, repair (e.g. actualization of street lighting status in territorial communities);
  • incident reporting – documenting circumstances of incidents – road accidents, crimes (mobile app for police officers and emergency service workers);
  • spatial analysis and decision-making – measurement, buffering, geoprocessing and other field analysis.

Features of the mobile mapping app

  • displaying a digital map as a set of layers;
  • navigating the map (zoom in, zoom out, transferring);
  • adding new and editing existing digital data;
  • adding raster data and base maps (satellite view, topographic map view, street maps);
  • connection to the display of new data sources (e.g. public cadastral map of Ukraine, digital topographic model, settlement site plan, etc.);
  • creation and editing vector geographic data (change of objects’ geometry and information about them);
  • display of geographic coordinates, terrain elevation, personal location;
  • saving and transfer of modified geographic data in the form of vector layers through the appropriate communication channels.

Cost and terms of the order

Calculation price for creating a mobile application will be additionally agreed with the customer. After the development of the mobile app, it will be located on special platforms for download (AppStore, PlayMarket). The term of development will be up to 30 days from the moment of submitting materials necessary for the implementation and signing a cooperation agreement.

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