Digitization of urban-planning documentation

The company MagneticOne Municipal Technologies offers services on the conversion of urban-planning documentation from a paper form to an electronic format (digitization).

Urban-planning documentation constitutes approved text and graphic materials (drawings, specifications, information, plans, schemes, maps, passports of buildings, etc.) that regulate planning, building and other urban-planning usages of territory. Urban-planning documentation, like any other paper documentation, needs to be digitized in order to facilitate access to information and simplify the work of specialized units.
Processing such materials requires special technologies for scanning and conversion of data into electronic format.

The difficulty of processing such kind of documentation is in the variability of materials and uniqueness of information, much of which is provided in the manuscript form. The methodology developed by the company offers the most effective solution for creating an electronic information resource based on scanned documents. The software allows to make it on a high technical level.

Оцифрування містобудівної документації
Оцифрування містобудівної документації

Benefits of working with documents after digitization

  • an increase of labor productivity;
  • an easy and quick search as well as the convenience of information usage;
  • the possibility of effective management over all stages of a business process within the enterprise;
  • significant reduction of costs on archiving paper documents;
  • the possibility of access limitation to documentation (it is possible to set passwords for employees of different levels);
  • round-the-clock access to the necessary data.

The technique of scanning and digitization methods

The technique of scanning and digitization methods are selected at the stage of examination and depend on the peculiarities of documents and the usage of created electronic information resources.

After completion of work, the information array is converted into the format in which it will be uploaded into the customer’s system. To exclude any errors that may occur during the conversion process, immediately before loading is executed the final check.

The services can be ordered in the complex, which will allow you to save costs and get a synergy effect.

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