Corporate geoinformation system

Corporate geoinformation system – is a multi-user geoinformation system that allows you to solve problems of operating with spatial data at the level of large organizations and enterprises. A corporate GIS is based on shared and consistent creation, access and management of spatial information within an organization, as well as between branches and subsidiaries. A corporate GIS is a tool for integrating information flows of all information systems of an organization, using spatial data for solving analytical problems, forecasting and modeling.

The design of corporate GIS is usually carried out taking into account the principle of scalability: as required, new functional units can be introduced into an already existing workflow to connect new users, cover a larger area and increase system performance.

Корпоративна геоінформаційна система
Корпоративна геоінформаційна система

Corporate GIS – is the best solution if

  • there is a large-scale task in the solution of which several GIS and database management systems are involved;
  • the work is carried out in geographically scattered branches of one enterprise;
  • need a centralized unified environment;
  • the work is carried out by a large number of specialists simultaneously in the framework of one project.

Corporate GIS features 

  • quickly receive information about the spatial objects of the organization, including remote branches (for utility networks – distribution stations, nodes, etc.) with different levels of detail;
  • ensure the full use of data for operational, diagnostic, repair, construction work based on the use of modern information processing methods;
  • increase the enterprise database by updating the cartographic information about the objects based on the results of surveying, based on remote sensing data, GPS measurements, and etc.;
  • carry out the spatial correlation of technological equipment data necessary for obtaining additional information (photographs, information on the volume and timing of repairs, replacement of equipment);
  • make informed and timely decisions, reducing the lack of awareness and the human factor to a minimum;
  • increase the efficiency of employees who later spend less time searching, processing information and updating it (updating);
  • improve the workflow of the organization through a significant increase in knowledge about the actual state of the company’s infrastructure, its assets and processes.
Корпоративна геоінформаційна система
Корпоративна геоінформаційна система

Corporate GIS is focused on

  • companies engaged in engineering communications with the need for clear planning of repair, maintenance work and to improve the manageability of production;
  • marketing firms (managing the process of market segmentation, distribution and promotion of goods or services in space and time);
  • road and logistic structures (tracking the flow of goods and goods in space and time, optimization of traffic management, etc.);
  • health care institutions (monitoring the health of the population, the work of employees of medical institutions);
  • environmental organizations (monitoring of the environmental situation, accounting for natural resources);
  • travel companies with the need to select and track tourist routes.

Benefits from implementing a corporate Corporate GIS

  • the short-term benefit of implementing a corporate GIS is reducing the organization’s internal costs and the time taken to make decisions;
  • in the medium term, the effect of corporate GIS is to achieve the highest possible degree of automation of the organization, formalize part of the processes that were previously performed manually, a concomitant improvement in the quality of data, a decrease in the percentage of false and non-optimal solutions;
  • in the long run, the introduction of corporate GIS leads to increased competitiveness of the enterprise.
Корпоративна геоінформаційна система

Services which will be provided prior to solution

  • Consulting
  • Scanning of paper documents and maps
  • Georeferencing of cartographic materials
  • Digitization
  • Provisioning of interactive map database
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