Digitizing documents

The company MagneticOne Municipal Technologies offers services on converting various kinds of documents from paper to electronic version (digitization).

Digitization of documents is an important step in optimizing the organization and business processes of the company. Ensure effective and successful organization work by digitizing documents, organizing the archive and creating a convenient access system for the documents. Turn the archive of your company into a valuable asset.

Take advantage of the digital workflow

  • reduce the internal labor costs of the organization by an average of 35% (employees are not engaged in non-core activities like search and storage of documents and perform their duties more thoroughly);
  • save useful office space area (the digitized document is always available in electronic form, which allows to free the office space, stop keeping original paper documents);
  • increase confidentiality level when processing information (only authorized person may get access to the digitized document);
  • working with digital copies of documents provides convenient access to information, thus allowing more efficient organization of work with documents (information is always available and can be downloaded for processing at any time).

Keeping information confidential

The entire scope of work on scanning and digitization of documents is carried out in compliance with the highest criteria of confidentiality:

  • information received for digitization is protected from the access of third-party eyes;
  • digitalization is carried out by means of professional equipment;
  • responsible compliance with agreement on confidentiality of information.
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