Medical geoinformation dissemination system for tick-borne infections

Customer: Ternopil State Medical University.

Date of implementation: February 2018

Purpose of the project:

  • creation of a platform for fixing, storing and displaying data about places of distribution of pathogens of tick-borne infections;
  • analysis of morphometric indicators of ticks as diagrams and charts using system tools;
  • systematic monitoring, recording and monitoring of the medical and geographical situation in the studied region;
  • carrying out a spatial analysis of the prevalence of tick-borne diseases (babesiosis, anaplasmosis, piroplasmosis, etc.) and the monitoring of real threats to public health.

Results: a specialized medical cartographic and analytical resource has been introduced for collecting, storing, analyzing and displaying information about the spread of tick-borne infections in a specific region. The map provides analytical information about a wide range of tick-borne infections in order to achieve a comprehensive look at the current situation with infectious diseases and their impact on the health of people and animals.

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