Interactive learning maps of “The history of becoming the territory of Ukraine”

The project is aimed at the use of interactive learning maps as a scientific source of information. This resource will help students navigate in the periodization of history and its important facts: dates, periods, campaigns, battles, historical finds. The concept … Read More

GIS Accounting for Assets of the Nesteriv Village Council

The structure authority of Nesteriv village council “Geoinformation system the assets of the Nesteriv village council ” was rated as a powerful tool for supporting and making effective decisions in the field of land use and  MagneticOne Municipal Technologies as … Read More

Medical geoinformation system

I express my sincere gratitude to the developers of the medical geoinformation system. The medical geoinformation system is a very timely product, as the increasing of the amount of information in the society grows and it requires the creation of … Read More

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