Emergency Operations Center

The company MagneticOne Municipal Technologies provides services to set up the necessary facilities for the Emergency Operations Center to monitor and prevent emergencies. Operational Center is a room equipped with the means for individual and collective processing of information (video, audio, computer) from external sources. The main purpose of such complexes is to organize prompt analysis of received information for further response and decision-making, as well as to control and monitor objects of various nature, situations, and other functions.

The Center is one of the most effective forms of a supporting system for managerial decision-making due to the formation of special informational-technological space, which provides monitoring, forecasting, decision-making and control over their execution. Implementation of the operational center allows adopting optimal solutions with minimal time expenditures, simulating the progression of events, forecasting the consequences of certain actions in advance, not waiting for the crisis to occur.

The Operational Center combines the latest communication means and specialized software that allows prompt processing of large amounts of information. The results of the analysis are visually represented to one or more screens of different sizes – from large video walls to tablets and mobile devices.

Emergency Operations Center
Emergency Operations Center

Technological subsystems of the Operational Center

  • the information display subsystem (solves issues on visualization of information from different sources, it’s storage, processing, and distribution);
  • geoinformation subsystem (provides cartographic support for the activities and means of the State Emergency Service);
  • information and reference subsystem (provides employees with reference information on issues related to their functional duties);
  • telecommunication network (provides data exchange).

Advantages of using the Operational Center

  • 24/7 monitoring of the current status within the region;
  • analysis of the preparedness and efficiency of local officials on dealing with the consequences of emergencies, and maintaining public safety;
  • preparation of analytical documents (analytical reviews, information summaries, analytical reports, etc.) based on the analysis of the operational situation;
  • ensuring proper and timely response to the threat of emergency situation emersion;
  • organization of measures to inform and prepare people for the actions in case of emergencies.
Emergency Operations Center
Emergency Operations Center

Analytical core of the operational center – GIS-platform, which provides

  • registering and storing records of incidents, documentation of fire equipment inspection results (photo fixation of fire safety rules violations, the reliability of fire hydrants, etc.);
  • visualization of information about the conditions of natural and man-made emergencies on the electronic map;
  • laying the shortest routes for emergency rescue services and emergency response groups;
  • forecasting the development of emergencies in order to prevent or reduce the negative impact on the civilian population, territory and environment;
  • formation of a digital bank of spatial information on the territories and objects that suffer the greatest natural and man-made influences (landslides, fires, etc.) and those areas of the region where the most, emergency-wise, hazardous objects (dams, oil and gas storage facilities, chemical enterprises, etc.) are located;
  • detection out-of-order equipment and tools which directly affect the safety of the population (for example, confirming compliance of building with the requirements of fire safety regulations, the reliability of fire hydrants) by the means of a synchronized GIS inspection subsystem.

Stages of services on establishment of Emergency Operations Center

  • Design
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Engineering equipment
  • Technological equipment
  • Technical maintenance and operation
  • Implementation of analytical tools
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