Geoinformation system of the Nesteriv Village Council

Customer: Nesteriv village council.
Date of implementation: May 2017.

Purpose of the project:

  • maintenance of the current state of the data on the administrative, domestic and industrial infrastructure of the Nesteriv village council;
  • obtaining information support and quick access to the spatial database and the necessary land management documents via the Internet;
  • accelerating and improving the efficiency of the decision-making process in the field of agriculture and construction;
  • planning of maintenance and repair of communications and administrative buildings;
  • maintenance of the database of engineering networks, prevention of emergencies;
  • observance of building regulations (electronic map visualizes security zones around engineering networks).

Results: introduced a modern management tool for the main treasure of the Ukrainian village. The interactive map displays the spatial information relevant to the head of the Nesteriv village council apparatus with the ability to operate thematic layers of the map and edit the content.

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